Spring is rolling in fast, which means it’s time to get back to the Great Outdoors. Have you been prepping for family camping trips, or maybe some rock climbing with the kids if they’re old enough? This is a great time to go through your old gear and figure out what you need to stock up on or replace. Winter storage can cause wear and tear, so it’s always a good idea to check everything out before you go to grab it for a trip and realize it’s fraying or full of holes.

Whether you’re a true-blue survivalist or just enjoy being out in the fresh air with your children, there’s gear that’ll work for you and last through many trips. From jackets and boots to ropes and survival kits, you can find everything a Tactical Dad needs to enjoy spring camping, hiking, hunting, and more. Might also want to check on your communication devices (walkie-talkies, handheld radios, etc.) and whether your first aid kit needs a refill or update.

Your little tyke is never too young to enjoy some sunshine and a nice breeze, so make sure you’re prepared with a pack that has everything your baby needs. The D.O.D.D. (Dad On Diaper Duty) pack has everything from a removable diaper pad to a bottle holder so that you’re ready to be a dad wherever you are.

Make sure the look over every piece of your gear for holes, tears, thin patches, and anything else that will require repairs or replacement. There’s nothing worse than being out on the trail and dealing with a ripped pack, so nip it in the bud.

More power to you if you’re the au natural type who just likes to be alone with your family and nature, but if you like to bring a few creature comforts along, make sure they’re operational. If the kids can’t live without their favorite DVD, you better make sure the electronics are working. If you have a grill, double check your required fuel and cleaning equipment.

Congrats, man… you’re all prepped for spring! Get out there and enjoy the Great Outdoors.